Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lots of Time on My Hands

Oh, we humans are such strange creatures! The past couple of weeks my Inbox has been loaded with emails and cards and I've been inundated with love and affection. Now things are getting a little more back to normal and when I went to check my email this morning there wasn't anything new. I'm finally, finally all caught up. Well, pretty much, anyway. And I felt rather bereft, not finding anything new to read. How silly am I?!

And another thing I find funny, in an ironic sort of way. When I was in the midst of the daily care of my grandson and could hardly find time to blog, let alone deal with email or visit blogs much, I would dream of having lots of time on my hands to read or write or daydream. And now here I am, with lots of empty hours as I recuperate from surgery, and I am bored out of my ever-loving mind. I'm just itching to get out and work in my be able to walk further than around the do laundry and housework and getting OUT!!! That's not saying I don't appreciate the way my Dear Hubby and daughter are spoiling me rotten because I do. I do. But I am not and never have been a person who embraces idleness very well. I like being busy. I like being out and about. I don't deal well with enforced rest. But, at this stage, I have no choice in the matter. And I know, too, that once Dylan and Cooper come to spend their days with Grandma, I'll probably be back to daydreaming about empty hours for myself once again. Craving a quiet space here and there in my chaotic schedule. We're never totally satisfied, are we?

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