Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Menopausal Musings

As I sit by my window...I see dark gray rain clouds and a heavy shower, the branches of trees dancing in the wind.
Today I'm grateful for...good neighbors.
I hear...the rumble of the dryer in the basement.
I buy a child-proof lock for the refrigerator door before Dylan comes back June 2nd.
I think...Chloe dog is convinced she's half human.
I spend...a lot of time daydreaming.
I oldest brother forgives me for missing his step-grandson's wedding recently.
I take...some things way too seriously.
I enjoy...watching old episodes of "Law & Order" while I'm sitting on my couch recuperating from surgery.
I ratty old bathrobe.
I miss...using my own computer -- tho I appreciate my daughter letting me use her laptop!
I feel...glad I'm inside where it's warm and dry.
I touch...the towels in the dryer at the end of the cycle to see if they're dry.
I ache...deep inside physically right now.
I dislike...pimentoes in egg salad. Pimentoes, period!!
I admire...teachers.
I help the helpless.
I search...for better ways to express my thoughts.
I want...a lot of prayers to be answered.
I look forward to...having my younger brother and his wife over on Friday for a nice long visit and lunch.
Today was...spent with Dear Hubby, who took half a vacation day off. We went out for an early dinner at Noho's.


Anonymous said... were invited to that wedding? Well, cannot help being ill!!

Hope you are fully recouped soon!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Yep are you tired of the rain yet. I hear you. It goes on incessently! Sounds like your day ended lovely anyway!

HORIZON said...

Nothing wrong with daydreaming Kris- is what l love doing when l get some time to myself! That was an introspective post my friend- l could hear the rain along with you- time sometimes passes like that. HUGS. I'm glad hubby took the time off and you were together- sounds like what you needed.

I'm at the other end of that rope just now- more stressed than l think because half of my words are coming out wrong! I say kitchen when l mean kettle and keys when l mean door. The kids think it's funny anyway. I think it's happening because l'm doing so much and thinking too fast-lol.

Good idea on the child-proof lock for Dylan- he'll be at that age now when they're into everything!
Sorry to hear you're still so sore- Here's a wave and a hug to you across the horizon xoxo

Suburbia said...

I hope Friday with your brother was great!