Friday, May 30, 2008

The Things You See at the Gas Station

I stopped at a nearby Chevron station this morning to get some gas in my truck...isn't it appalling how little gas $25 will get you now at $4.05 per gallon? Aside from that, as I was waiting there I heard a buzzzzzzzzzing sound that puzzled me. First I thought it might be a guy shaving, but as I turned to look over my shoulder, a woman in a van behind me was busy brushing her teeth with a battery-operated toothbrush. With her window open! And her hair all wet and stringy, too. Good grief! Why not get up 10 minutes earlier and do all this in her bath room instead of sharing her morning toiletries with the whole world?

I guess that's not as bad as what Dear Hubby witnessed coming home from work one day. As he turned off on a side street to come home he happened to spot a man squatting along the grassy curbside, having a....bowel movement...right next to a Stop sign in broad daylight! And when he finished he hitched up his pants and walked along like nothing had happened!

You've gotta love this city.

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Jane Doh ! said...

Poor dear Hubby ...yikes!!!!! lol.