Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What did I say my name is?

It's only Wednesday and what a week it is so far. For one, little Cooper has begun teething. He's not even three months old yet but he's following in his big brother's footsteps as far as that's concerned, getting teeth early. His food isn't settling...he's gnawing on everything he can get to his mouth...and he isn't sleeping! I'd say that's number one on a list of things that's making my life a 3-ring circus at the moment, trying to appease Dylan and do anything else with a fretful baby on my shoulder most of the day. Poor little guy! I'd say that's probably the worst part of being an infant. And he's had some major diarrhea blowouts too.

Chloe dog has been insanely jealous since the babies have come. Now, every time I open the front door, she thinks we're heading out for a walk and leaving her behind so she whips out past me and runs down on to the front walk where she usually waits for me to either scoop her back up and carry her into the house or tempt her with a chewy bone reward if she comes back in on her own. Yesterday as she sneaked out a cat happened to be out front. Chloe hates cats...hates them. So she took off like a shot and disappeared. My son never taught her to "come". So yelling for her was fruitless. I had to get my daughter up early to watch the boys while I scoured the neighborhood for Chloe. Then when I got back to the house, Kaitlin dressed and took off in her car to see if she could find her. No luck. Well, about an hour after disappearing, who reappears at the front door. Little Miss Chloe. I could've throttled her if I hadn't been so relieved to see her. But Dear Hubby and I are going to rig up some kind of leash thingy here in the house that we can attach her to whenever I need to go outside or when I feed Dylan. She's also getting very aggressive about stealing food from him. Arggghhhhh.

No wonder I was in bed by 6:30 last nite.

My best friend Lizzee is coming over for a visit Friday. The first time we've been able to get together in....forever, I think. I'm looking forward to it and yet a little worried about it, too, as only the good Lord knows how things will be when she arrives around 10. Oh well. I warned her it's a 3-ring circus and she still wants to come. I give her credit for that!

Chloe's potty walk still needs to be taken care of, the gates tied up on the stairwell. Oh, and this morning?? I found a couple pair of capri pants I bought recently on the upper shelf of my closet. I was wondering what happened to them. And why I'd put them up there is a mystery to me.

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Jane Doh ! said...

We have had a house full of children recent days too and not just my lot....Thankfully the extended relatives will be out of town from tomorrow...haha! It's been chaos. It did make Alex's 10th birthday all the more merrier mind you. I will update tomorrow night. I just wanted to check in with you before I go to bed.Alex's Dad goes home to Aussie tomorrow and I have been busy copying photo's for both he and his Mom.Then it's letter writing in the morning...which I always leave until the last

Sweet Dreaming Miss Kris and hopefully you will wake tomorrow with the strength needed to soldier on looking after those babies. I can feel your pain..haha!

Much love my sweet Kris ((((((((hugs)))))))