Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day to day to day....

We have a new walker in the family. Cooper definitely joined the world of the upright yesterday and there's no holding him back now. Isn't it amazing how once we humans find our legs we're off and running, never satisfied with creeping and crawling again? I thought I was busy before but if yesterday was any indication of what's ahead of me...oh my. I couldn't turn my back on him for a second. In fact, not only has he begun walking but also climbing! I went in to the kitchen for a minute, only to find him up on my desk when I came back into the dining room. He'd used their Fisher Price garage to climb up in to one of the toy bins, then managed to pull himself up on to the desk. Lord, help me! I think I aged 10 years then and there.

Spring has sprung but it sure hasn't lost its chill yet. And it's been very showery, unpredictably so, making it very iffy as far as getting out and walking is concerned. I think the boys and I have a bad case of cabin fever and I'm hoping today's weather will cooperate so we can get out. Dear Hubby went in for a physical yesterday and got a prescription that needs filling so that will give us a destination, as well as the library where I have until tomorrow to pick up some books that have come in for me. I've been eagerly awaiting Maeve Binchy's new book, "Heart and Soul" and that's one of them. Now if I can find the time to read it! I've got plans for this Saturday and Saturdays are usually my reading day if I go out to one of the archery ranges with Dear Hubby. But he's planning on going bear hunting at the coast so I'm going to load up my pick up with stuff I've been putting in the basement and on the back porch and take it to a nearby school. I'm not sure how many years this has been going on now, but each Spring our neighborhood has a clean-up day where we can take junk to this school and drop it off for $20 per truckload. We never seem to be able to find the time or want-to to take a load to the dump so this is the perfect opportunity and I plan to take advantage of it. Time to get rid of the stuff that's too big for the garbage can! A broken fan...a small kettle barbecue we never have used...the kids' broken play table. Good riddance.

Last weekend was busy. We had a family birthday party we attended late in the afternoon on Saturday but I found some time to go out and do some weeding and transplanting of some plants that have grown so much they're crowding each other out. The showers we've been having have been good for that because everything I transplanted seems to be thriving. There's a huge Rummage/Plant sale I go to every year -- well, I missed last year and why that was I don't remember...oh yes. I was recuperating from my hysterectomy. Anyway...that will be happening this weekend so I might grab my neighbor Sharon and see if she'd like to go with me. Their prices are to die for. I usually spend $20-$30 and get around a dozen mature plants. Some come from nurseries affiliated with the Center the sale is held at. Some are dug up by members out of their own yards. I've gotten some very unusual and not very commonplace plants from them. Hopefully my trash-hauling won't take too long!

Beyond that, it's the same old, same old. The days whiz by. Why does life seem to speed up the older we get? Tomorrow's the first of May already and I hardly remember January thru April, they were here and gone so quickly. No wonder it's said our lives aren't much more than a vapor. I can do a speedy re-wind of my life in my head and from my first memory at the age of three until now isn't much more than a blink of the eye. Scary thought.

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