Friday, May 1, 2009

Middle of the Nite Musings....

We're having one of our infamous slumber party nites, Dear Hubby and me. The phone rang at 1 am, our son calling from Emergency at a local hospital. He's having what they think is a gall bladder attack and he called asking us to pray for him. I can definitely relate to that, having had my own gall bladder removed last September. Once the phone rings in the middle of the nite like that, sleep is pretty much over with. Even so, Dear Hubby and I were both very tired when we went to bed and we lay there for a while, hoping we'd be able to grab a couple more hours. No such luck. So we got up at 2, put on the coffee, and here we are now at 3:21, wide awake and eating breakfast, getting a jump start on our day. I have a feeling we're in for a long one. Our son just called...still waiting for his x-ray. The Emergency department is busy tonite. Is it a full moon out there? I worked in hospitals for years and full moons always seemed to bring on extra-busy nites. I don't know why. Full moons brought out the crazies, too. I'm not sure what my schedule will be like with the boys today, if I'll have them at all or end up having them today and overnite. We'll see what unfolds when the sun rises.

I don't care how old they get -- my son is 30 now -- but our kids are forever our kids. Their problems become more adult, is all. They still call on us when the going gets rough. We just can't take away all the aches and pains, the disappointments, and fix their worlds like we could when they were little, when a kiss on a boo-boo or a quick cuddle was all they needed to make it all better. Oh, that Life could remain that simple. But it doesn't. I sit. Restless and anxious. Awaiting news.

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Liz said...

Hope your son's okay, kris. xx