Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lately this is the way I picture myself living my life. Peering over the edge. Too busy to be a full participant in anything.
This past month I've been to the beach twice. Once planned. Once unplanned.
My son had surgery.
The grandboys had colds.
The grandboys had stomach viruses.
Diarhhea diapers.
Dear Hubby had a birthday.
I spent this past weekend in Pendleton. Not truly planned but not spur-of-the-moment, either. Just a couple of days' notice.
I finished two books.
We had to give up Chloe dog.
It's rained.
One day it was around 60 degrees. The next, in the 80's. That's Oregon for you.
I cut back runners from our neighbor's plum tree that have threatened to become full-fledged trees.
I took a truckload of junk to a Neighborhood Clean Up drop-off site.
I have walked. And walked. And walked.
And today?
I'll walk some more.


Suburbia said...

Wow, that's some month! So sorry to hear about Chloe dog, I know we have both had to part with pets recently, but dogs are so much more of a pet than rabbits. I feel for you.

Thanks also for your comment at mine :-)

Lynda said...


Tess said...

Keep walking ... a world of worries are left by the wayside. Your positive outlook always brightens my days :)

Lynette said...

My gosh! I thought I'd been busy lately! Honey, you've got me beat, big time. Thanks so much for stopping by and looking and looking and commenting and commenting. I cannot believe that you and the two cutest grandsons I've seen lately stopped out of the rain at Tango Berretin! I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with most of your May posts. Enjoy this gorgeous weather! We certainly plan to do just that, even if some of the time we're just indoors with all of the windows up!

Dori said...

So very sorry to hear about Chloe Dog! I know she was a family member and I know it was a heartbreaking choice! Wowie, what a month!

And here we are simultaneously blogging together...though it's 7:30 my time which means, oy! You're up early! Have a great day, Kris!

Liz said...

what happened to chloe?!