Saturday, June 20, 2009

If I'd Known Then What I Know Now....

...I wouldn't have wasted so much time fretting about things that never came to pass.

...I would've taken better care of my feet and not worn all those platform shoes in the 70's.

...I would've listened to my mother and not read in the dark.

...I would've eaten Chinese food long before I finally got brave enough to try it when I was 19.

...I would've kept all of my Beatle records, photos, and magazines with articles about them in it.

...I would've kissed Craig Carter.

...I would've hugged more and not been so afraid of touching.

...I would've held on to some friends more closely and let others go a long time ago.

...I would've read even more than I did.

...I would've learned how to swim better.

...I would've appreciated my parents more than I did.

...I would've tried to store more of my children's childhood moments in my memory.

...I wouldn't have been so timid about speaking up for myself.

...I wouldn't have been so concerned about what others thought of me.

...I would've relaxed more, stressed less, and devoted more time to gardening.

...I would've learned how to play the piano.

...I would've realized that time goes by waaaaaaaaay too fast and to begin savoring the sweet moments at a much earlier age.

I know, I know...there are those who'll say that "You can STILL do several of those things NOW!" And I could, yes. But these are things I've regretted at various stages in my life. And ones I still regret now.

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Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Isn't it great that so many of those things you "wish you'd done" can still be done now ..... with the exception of the platform years and such. The damage is done, girl!

But the reading, the touching those you love, the speaking up etc -- those are things that you can take advantage of now! (And perhaps there's even hope for kissing Craig Carter??? Huh, huh? Would ya? Could ya? Should ya?)