Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tell me...did this really happen or not?!

As I was walking the grandboys home from the park a couple days ago I heard a car come roaring up behind me. As the side streets are narrow and the sidewalks impossible to navigate with 100 pounds of laden-down double stroller, I choose to walk along the 'hump' in the middle of the street to keep things balanced. When I heard the car approaching, I veered off to the right to give whomever plenty of room to pass by. At that moment I also approached a Stop sign so stopped at the intersection at the same moment the car next to me did. The driver, a young man, took the opportunity to yell out the open window at me, "There are better places to walk than the middle of the road, ya know!"

Granted, he had a point.

So I called back to him as he hit the gas pedal, "I know, but the sidewalks here aren't built for double strollers. And thank you so much for being so concerned about our welfare!"

Several blocks further as I approached another intersection I stopped as I saw a car pull up to the Stop signs there.

Hmmmmmmmm...the car appeared to be familiar. This same young gentleman who'd been so concerned about our welfare.

I waved him on, as I always do any car because the boys and I are just meandering and never in a hurry. The young man then waved to me to go...and then realized who I was.


He leaned his head out his window and said to me ever-so-contritely "I'm sorry about being such a butt head to you back there."

I'm sorry he was, too.

But I smiled and accepted his apology

And we both went our separate ways.

Somehow I think that moment lightened both our days.


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

What a bright way for me to start my blog day! An apology from a young person because they'd been rude but NOW understood why you were where you were! That's wonderful. Youth don't always get a positive picture drawn of them. But I think most of them are good kids who were brought up right!

the Baitlady said...

So glad he did that and brightened both your days! I'm sure he had to have felt a little bit better after doing that. At least I hope he did.