Monday, June 7, 2010

Angels deliver Fate to our doorstep - and anywhere else it is needed. ~ Jessi Lane Adams

I am the earth,
rich, dark, and loamy.
I steam in the sun after a spring rain
with my face raised
to the heavens.
Eyes closed.
Senses singing.
My hands dig deep,
reaching for roots
buried within.
Vines twist above me.
Choked but winding
always upward.
I do not let go.
I am the earth
and I
You are water,
the essence of Life.
You ripple and dash.
You spill and refresh.
You are the Pool of Siloam.
You are winding rivers
always leading home.
Your face breaks the surface
and glistens in
the sun.
You are water,
the essence of Life.
In your hands
the surf breaks

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