Saturday, June 12, 2010

Knock on the sky and listen to the sound. ~ Zen Saying

Forgive the memes, please. I know I've been doing quite a few lately but I've come across some good ones that I haven't been able to pass by. And since this blog is a living legacy to my two grandsons to have someday I think they're a wonderful way to show them how I'm truly thinking at this time in my life, the years they're here with me on a daily basis.

I told Dear Hubby this afternoon as we drove home from one of the archery ranges he enjoys going to that I need to write down a word Cooper says before I forget it and it gets lost in the little cracks and crevices that seem to eat up memories as time goes on. This is the word he says for 'helicopter':


I don't know about you, but I think it's darling.

Even at age 4 Dylan still calls them by the name he gave them when he was not much past the infant stage: "Caw-caw". He simply doesn't care to call them by any other name. That is fine with me.

I thankful for sunshine and warmth after endless days of rain and clouds

I think.... in very complex ways. I know, when I talk to people, just how differently my mind seems to work.

I should...give more of myself on emotional levels.

I dream....every nite, many dreams

I want....simple things. It really is true that Life's simple pleasures are the best.

I know... I don't have all the answers.

I don't like....shallow people.

I smell...soft fresh air blowing in from the window near my desk. It's rich and damp.

I hear.... Susan Boyle's CD playing in my headset.

I fear.... any type of physical harm coming to anyone I love, especially my grandsons.

I usually... let someone else answer the phone. I hate phones.

I search...deep inside myself. A lot.

I miss....the carefree summer days of childhood.

I always... put my glasses on as soon as I get out of bed.

I regret.... never learning another language.

I wonder....about all kinds of things. My mind is always on the move.

I full body massage in my lifetime.

I remember...a lot of memories from the past I'd like to forget.

I need..... more personal time.

I train of thought a lot, I get so distracted during the day.

I feel....happy to be alive.

I can....wiggle my ears.

I can't....knit or crochet. Or sew.

I am happy....when either one of my grandsons will stop in the middle of whatever they're doing, run over to me, and give me a hug.

I lose..... my keys a lot

I sing.... lullabies.

I listen... to whatever music suits my mood when I sit down to blog.

I retail stores only when I absolutely have to.

I eat....without any real enjoyment. I have no sense of taste.

I love.....the Life I have.


Betty said...

I don´t know if you got this from my blog, but I did it a while ago too. I loved your meaningful answers. I wish I can experience it, to have my grandkids run up to me and hug me someday. Sounds wonderful!

Donna said...

I could have written most of your answers myself. Sorry I've been scarce lately, but I've had my hands full with house guests. They leave today.