Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A little faith will bring your soul to heaven, but a lot of faith will bring heaven to your soul. ~ Author Unknown

Oh, it has been an interesting day. I wrote this blog entry this morning asking for advice and two people have responded so far, both with very wise words of caution and support. I am very appreciative for what both had to say and I am going to follow it. Betty had a great suggestion of printing it up and giving copies to both grandboys. There are so many internet publishing companies out there now I think I'll do just that, make each grandboy a special book copy of it.

Back to the day being interesting. Around 3 pm the phone rang. Both grandboys were still napping and Dear Hubby was already home so I answered the phone even tho I didn't recognize the Caller ID, something I rarely ever do. But the other afternoon the phone rang with the same Caller ID and when I didn't recognize the name I let the answering machine pick it up and whoever was calling hung up. I figured it was a wrong number and never gave it another thought. Today when I saw the same name, same number, I answered it thinking I'd let whoever it was know that this was a wrong number. Except that it wasn't. A person very hesitantly asked me if I was the lady who'd written the article about being delivered from the occult. They told me they'd picked up a copy of the magazine and they wanted to let me know how much it had impacted their life, knowing someone else 'out there' had experienced a lot of what they had. As we spoke at length we found out we're both the same age, had similar childhoods and life experiences, were both introduced to the occult by receiving Ouija boards as gifts at the same age. They asked me at the beginning of the conversation to promise I would never, ever share any of what they were going to tell me with anyone and I gave them my word. Then they went on to tell me their life story. The similarities were eerie. I could say, "Yes, I know exactly what you're saying. Yes, yes, yes....." At the end of the conversation, when Coopy came out to the kitchen to see me after waking up, this person began to cry. They told me they couldn't even begin to tell me what it meant to them to be able to talk to someone for the first time in their life about what had happened to them. To know they could talk to me about it and know that I knew exactly what they were talking about. To know they truly aren't crazy. This person has gone on to become an established professional, a person who's won all kinds of awards for community service and contributions, who's visited many different countries around the world. But yet, for all they've accomplished, they've had this deep dark secret, this horrible burden, clouding all their happiness. They asked how I coped, if I'm still plagued by visits from the 'dark world' and I was able to pass on some advice to help them cope. It was an absolutely amazing conversation. I never dreamt when I wrote it that it would impact even one person's life, let alone to such depths in another human being. As we got ready to hang up they told me they couldn't thank me enough for being 'brave enough' to share it with the world. My only intention when I wrote it was to show God's love and tender mercy in reaching out to someone as lost as I was, and how He has the ability to turn a life completely around. If I never hear any other feedback, just knowing how much it helped this person is something I will treasure all the days of my life.


Rob-bear said...

What a powerful story about being the right person at the right time for someone in need. I'm glad you took the risks you did, in telling your story, and picking up the phone. You made a difference in at least two lives; yours, and your caller's.

Blessings on the journey!

Betty said...

I´m so glad your witness was such a blessing to someone. It really is a powerful story and please don´t listen to my advise, if you feel it could do more good online. I´m sure your grand boys will cherish the written version of your life story for a long time!

Anita said...

Kris,what an amazing story. I am so glad you were brave to share your story.