Friday, January 28, 2011

The future is always beginning now. ~ Mark Strand, "Reasons for Moving"

I am...almost...a new homeowner in Michigan. Our offer was accepted, the preliminary paperwork is done. The little brick bungalow is...almost...officially ours. How is it that before November I'd never even heard of Livonia, Michigan....and now Dear Hubby and I own a house there? Today Dear Hubby called me from work and said "Do you know we're moving to MICHIGAN?!" He said it suddenly hit him, what we're about to do. And the emotion he felt as he realized it was, "I'm free!!!"

Well...not, not free, exactly. No one's ever free. But the idea of a new start at a new life in a new place is pretty exhilarating. But we humans like feeling safe. And settled. And routine keeps us grounded and focused and....comfortable. I think Dear Hubby and I have just gotten tired of being comfortable. We're still young enough to set out on an adventure.

A while back a neighbor verbally attacked me about the life that I live here in Portland. He said some really hurtful things and sent me reeling. But before she died, his wife had told me he's bipolar and when he gets lazy about taking his meds he can become Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He certainly showed me his dark side that day. But when I found out we were moving I told him, "You know, you told me my life is so boring and miserable I decided to do something about it. And when I decide to change, I really change!" Not that I've ever felt my life is boring or miserable, but he surely did. And he did apologize after it happened. Profusely. And we're still friends. In fact, I'm letting his cats in and out of his house while he's visiting one of his daughters at the coast this weekend. Let bygones be bygones. Life's too short to hold a grudge.

My pastor's wife messaged me on Facebook yesterday, asking me for my son's new address in Michigan. She was under the impression that he and his family had already moved. No, they're still here. But she did ask me to make sure we get our new addresses to her so we can stay in touch. I told her I could already give her our new address and I wrote it out for her. Boy, if that wasn't a surreal moment. It felt very strange after living in our house here in Portland for over 28 years. My son and his wife are flying to Detroit tomorrow to look at two houses they're trying to make their final decision on. Either one is beautiful. Either one would fit their family well. Both of them are within a few miles of our house there. What a miracle we'll be able to live in the same town! How has this happened?! GOD made it happen.

I need to head for bed. I'm meeting a niece of mine for breakfast tomorrow morning. Our official goodbye. Then breakfast with my best friend Lizzee on Sunday...we keep managing to find to see each other. But I really do think this one will be the last one. Sunday evening Dear Hubby's work crew is taking us out to dinner. I have Monday off but I think I'm going to tackle the kitchen cabinets and our bedroom closet shelves and take a truckload or two to Goodwill.

One more week of taking care of the grandboys. Then a couple of weeks to prepare for the move. Then filling up a huge moving van with our stuff, our daughter's stuff, the kids' stuff. Then boarding a jet for Detroit.

Would someone please wake me up? I know this has got to be a dream.....


Betty said...

I really can´t imagine!! But I will be thinking of you and hope it all goes well. Like I said to my daughter the other day, when God opens doors, HE will make it go well. Then it will all seem easy. I´m glad you can see He is leading you in your lives!

Miss Sadie said...

Uh, no, Kris; it's not a dream. It's in real time in the real world. But after 28 years in the same place, moving might seem a bit surreal.

I'm glad you've got your house plans settled. And that son and d-i-l are close to theirs.

I hope the rest of the change goes well of all of you!

Blessings in an interesting time.

Marilyn said...

Where have I been??!!!
It sounds like this is a wonderful thing so I'm really excited for you :D
I will be sure to stick closer to "home" so I can follow along on your journey!

LC said...

Thanks for the update on your great God-led adventure! It truly seems that he has been with you and your loved ones every step of the way. Sending a prayer your way for his divine love and intelligence to continue preparing the way for you.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

"We're still young enough to set out on an adventure."

I think this is the coolest part. That you are your husband are up for doing this. Livonia, Michigan. How exciting. How brave. How lucky your son and his wife are to have you.

Pam said...

Your enthusiasm is so obvious in this blog post, Kris. I'm so happy for you and your family. What a grand adventure. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your journey.

HORIZON said...

Oh l'm so happy you're heading out there with your grandboys and family :) I wasn't sure if you were going alone. Wish l lived closer- would give you a hand getting packed up-nothing like it- all the work involved and you having lived there for 28yrs! One step at a time dear friend!