Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Men may scoff, and men may pray, but they pay every pleasure with a pain. ~ William Henley

Well, it doesn't appear that the image maker wants to cooperate today so I'll leave it to it's persnickety self and just do a cold, illustration-less entry. Maybe by the time I'm done it will get over its attitude. Maybe it's PMS'ing. (Update: It got over itself!)

Our departure date is still somewhat up in the air but drawing ever closer and faster all the time. My last day taking care of my grandsons until we move to Michigan was last Friday so I've been a whirling dervish of activity getting rid of truckloads of donations to the Goodwill. To help process our loan, Dear Hubby had to start work this Monday at the company headquarters here in Portland. Banks don't like the promise of a new job, they like to actually know you're working so he's getting a good dose of what's ahead of him. The first day he was so tired and so frazzled...everything he's doing is so different from the previous job he'd had for almost 32 years. But everyone is very kind, very encouraging, and he seems to be adapting himself to it well. So...the vast majority of the moving preparations are falling on me. My daughter is here and could help if she was well, but she's been hit with a horrible cold. I've sorted thru quite a bit and have several bins and boxes stacked along a wall in the basement. I've been bringing up bins full of Dear Hubby's hunting clothes and gear and each evening after dinner we're sitting down and doing a toss/keep marathon. Last nite I filled up 4 big garbage bags full of clothes and 4 bags full of old hunting books. My recycling bin is almost full to overflowing so my neighbors are being very generous and letting me put some of ours in their bins. I dumped about 50 old magazines today. There's something very satisfying in getting rid of stuff, whether it's thru donations or recycling or giving away to neighbors.

Some things I will miss, tho:

My Mason Bee houses. I'm afraid the bees wouldn't make it across country in the back of a moving van. Plus I don't know if there are state regulations against bringing insects like them across borders. So they're getting a very good new home with my neighbor Sharon...she's taking all four of them.

Also, I'll miss not seeing my tulips bloom.

My back's peace and privacy.

My flowerbeds. They've been a labor of love from the very first shovelful of dirt I dug up so many years ago.

But...there will be new tulips. No back porch, but a back patio area. My new yard will be a fresh canvas to 'paint' however I want to from scratch, just like this one was.

Things to give up. Things to say goodbye to. But new things to find. New things to say hello to.

It balances out somehow, doesn't it?


Miss Sadie said...

You're making progress on multiple fronts. And the "canvas" of your new back yard — wow!

All quite extraordinary.

Blessings in the transition.

HORIZON said...

I've been hit by your clearing out and cleaning up bug Kris!!! I bought 8 plastic tubs yesterday so have no excuses now. The sun is shining and l'm in fine fettle.
When l read that you had bees l smiled. I've been wanting bee hives for ages- l keep buzzing on about it to hubby :)
It's nice of your neighbours to let you use their recycling bins.
Keep looking on the bright side- you're doing fab!!

LC said...

Sending best wishes your way in solo prepping for the move and to hubby in the challenges of the new job. I am already missing the Mason bees. A post about your Mason bees was one you posted when I first found you via Time Goes By. Happy to hear they have a good home. Now about that clearing out . . . maybe I can pretend I am moving and deal with all our years of accumulation too! Proud of you!

Pam said...

Wow! You've certainly got a lot going on. Sounds like you are making amazing progress. Best wishes to Hubby as he transitions into his new job. That is definitely an exhausting undertaking, but it will pass. And, yes, it is a wonderful feeling to clean out all our unwanted stuff and clutter. And the queen of anti-clutter and I've always got a garbage bag in my hall closet for donations. I usually drop off a bag or two every month. I am the opposite of a pack rat- I'm a "purger". It feels good! Enjoy it!

Anita said...

Kris, I've been gone for way too long, I see things are really changing for you. I'll read on to learn more.
Purging is a good thing, I should do more....why am I keeping all this "stuff".
Thinking of you!!

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

We've lived in our current house for 27 years. I positively REFUSE to even contemplate moving, because it would mean sorting thru all the accumulated junk from all those years. What are basements for, anyway?